I can live rompers for summer, I tried in so many styles, prints and colors you bet I am a lover of romper for life! If you have not tried one, the casual clothing is so casual and cute, its the perfect start with as a girl next door vibe a little to it. I love boat neck up details at the neck. I’ve worn without a belt to give it a defined size, and finish the look with heels comfortable blocks. You can go for Spartan heels for a more casual look as well. Continue reading



Since I left my long hair, my routine of style has also changed. I use different products now than usual with my longer hair, for example, I take out the mask Gliss much more often now, and I switched to using matte paste. In general, the long hair requires more care with a style. With long hair, it is often enough to give them some structure. . Stylings tend to stay in shape for long periods because the hair is lighter and looks do not come so easily. In other words, the style is really worth the hassle Continue reading




Last year, the LBD (Little Black Dress) to my delight had overcome my wardrobe. Thereโ€™s something so fresh and beautiful .

It’s summer, it’s Ramadan, I chose a black dress Benetton twelve o’clock to go to comfort my job with a blue chemsie and earrings Parfois .ย Remember when you swore that you the second you were allowed to dress yourself, you would never be caught dead in something like that? Well, think again… Continue reading