May ,  This is the month of Change in everyday life, personal life and empty blogsphere …
After a study I did to relaunch my blog and enriched it, I arrived with a result to which you already mark for the return of my blog as before or rather places than before. 🙂
  The concept: Every month I publish an article on things that I can not avoid this month as much as Fashion, beauty, FOOD and culture… 🙂

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#The summer will come !!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Bring out your unique and brilliant pieces to welcome this season ..
I have just informed you guys; That I am back as before and better than before, and so I strolled a long day of work to choose an original piece and that we will not find it in our wardrobe.
And Op, I fell in love with this striped and shoulder blouse discovered at zara , And allows you to move at ease and take it to work, university or else to the dinner chandal or to have a coffee between friendsith a basics jeans or disheartened without forgetting my basket surrounded by the Blue and multi-color ponpons ❤

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Who I am ?   Emna not only a fashion blogger, a web developer, a creater. When I find that my blog has started for 4 years and since the last year, I manage to publish an article by me and there I say Bingo !!    I AM BLOGGER GUYS !! 🙂

This makes me proud, but at the same time, I always pay attention that I still have a lot to do, and many goals to achieve. I guess I’m too perfectionist in that sense, especially with everything about the blog. And I want to stay on track along the way. A tight rope walk!

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