I like to go to Turkey, I never visit but the fact that I thought fill my travel book is my first destination .and if possible we like to stay a day or two. Turkey Shopping is fun, even if the commercials centers are huge. In fact, I prefer to Turkey Istinye Park shopping center, because it feels quieter and somehow, I find more things there too.

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And then back !!!

As I said on Snapchat I’m back after a long break I’m back, and this time also I improve my fashion class with a major event that is: the opening of the Milan boutique Glossip it was Friday the 07/10/2016 with my pretty Jemi World Tunisian YouTuber.
And without speaking how we chatted about what’s new in the life of the blogsphere .. She missed all the season….πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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#Never Stop ..

Once or twice a week, do a detox cure can help to cleanse the body to best handle a new season.Β The detox scares, plot, yet it is one of the only natural and safe ways to restore our body ,Β Before or after the holidays, nothing like a little detox cure to feel lighter! Follow our detox program!Β Fatigue, stress, diet too rich, polluted environment … You need an express detox to remove toxins and find happiness…Β  Continue reading



WHO … ??

Each Evening I make the same rhythm of my routine, after a hard day at work, I enrich my memory by searching on revenue of cuisine, homemade masks and reading a book..During the night, our skin will work to repair the damage and restore our skin, so a great night skin care routine is an absolute must. I shared my morning routine with you in the past, but I have not really talked about what it is I do at night, so I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a little my evening ritual . Continue reading