And here I am new!

After a holiday in Turkey (article here), after change of temperature, lifestyle, I’m back to Tunisia, my life quotidienene until our next appointment with a new adventure, new destinations and another way of life … each time in Turkey, I look out the window.
The sky is not clear now and the sun does not shine, the first day I met diffcicultés about clothes, I did not even brought the Gillet n I think I run on the roads of Instanbul I sought umbrella

Otherwise, as I talked about my Snapchat I did the full shooping for different brands that do not exist especially in Tunisia and I cracked a look that… Continue reading



         To.. Tos..  Toscani..!!

Yes ! I return for 2017 after the preparation of the holidays with full of novelty and new series of articles on all sections . My favorite party has always been m birthday: I was the center of attention, received presents, mom cooked my favorite dish and I felt very special all day. Special and more, which is a great thing when you’re partying with your friends. 🙂 Continue reading