Who I am ?   Emna not only a fashion blogger, a web developer, a creater. When I find that my blog has started for 4 years and since the last year, I manage to publish an article by me and there I say Bingo !!    I AM BLOGGER GUYS !! 🙂

This makes me proud, but at the same time, I always pay attention that I still have a lot to do, and many goals to achieve. I guess I’m too perfectionist in that sense, especially with everything about the blog. And I want to stay on track along the way. A tight rope walk!

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At the mango butter and tiare flower
ultra rich day cream without rinsing . 🙂

Frizzy or straightened hair, dry by nature, tend to be damaged, break and difficult to style. More than any other, they need the most comprehensive care, gentleness and respect. This care cream without rinsing is essential for women to very dry hair or curly. It strengthens the hair while protecting it… Continue reading

Simplicity Is Elegance


The Simplicity That Makes Beauty…

I resume the pace of being more and more active on social networks and I try to improve the image of my blog every time by photos, articles and content that interest the interlocutors while keeping the basis of my project .This time I decided to show you so much that simplicity makes the beauty, I always try to keep my touch in each article, I always try to show my dwarfs my inspirations for this simple wear and in general all Shoots are taken before arriving at my ball in the morning. 🙂 Continue reading