May ,  This is the month of Change in everyday life, personal life and empty blogsphere …
After a study I did to relaunch my blog and enriched it, I arrived with a result to which you already mark for the return of my blog as before or rather places than before. 🙂
  The concept: Every month I publish an article on things that I can not avoid this month as much as Fashion, beauty, FOOD and culture… 🙂

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#Never Stop ..

Once or twice a week, do a detox cure can help to cleanse the body to best handle a new season. The detox scares, plot, yet it is one of the only natural and safe ways to restore our body , Before or after the holidays, nothing like a little detox cure to feel lighter! Follow our detox program! Fatigue, stress, diet too rich, polluted environment … You need an express detox to remove toxins and find happiness…  Continue reading