This is the beginning of June and I know I should have been more productive, but January can be a challenging month sometimes. I have added various items in the Lookbook and Beauty category and you should check them out if you have not had the chance. My best time of the day is the return home after a long day at work, files to be processed, fihciers have not closed … 🙂 

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And here I am new!

After a holiday in Turkey (article here), after change of temperature, lifestyle, I’m back to Tunisia, my life quotidienene until our next appointment with a new adventure, new destinations and another way of life … each time in Turkey, I look out the window.
The sky is not clear now and the sun does not shine, the first day I met diffcicultés about clothes, I did not even brought the Gillet n I think I run on the roads of Instanbul I sought umbrella

Otherwise, as I talked about my Snapchat I did the full shooping for different brands that do not exist especially in Tunisia and I cracked a look that… Continue reading



         To.. Tos..  Toscani..!!

Yes ! I return for 2017 after the preparation of the holidays with full of novelty and new series of articles on all sections . My favorite party has always been m birthday: I was the center of attention, received presents, mom cooked my favorite dish and I felt very special all day. Special and more, which is a great thing when you’re partying with your friends. 🙂 Continue reading