This is the beginning of June and I know I should have been more productive, but January can be a challenging month sometimes. I have added various items in the Lookbook and Beauty category and you should check them out if you have not had the chance. My best time of the day is the return home after a long day at work, files to be processed, fihciers have not closed … 🙂 

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#The summer will come !!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Bring out your unique and brilliant pieces to welcome this season ..
I have just informed you guys; That I am back as before and better than before, and so I strolled a long day of work to choose an original piece and that we will not find it in our wardrobe.
And Op, I fell in love with this striped and shoulder blouse discovered at zara , And allows you to move at ease and take it to work, university or else to the dinner chandal or to have a coffee between friendsith a basics jeans or disheartened without forgetting my basket surrounded by the Blue and multi-color ponpons ❤

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Spring Is Coming!


Hello Spring!

I can not believe it, but finally it happens: spring arrives! The days grow longer, the sun shines and the birds sing their first melodies.

Spring means a new beginning and so I feel a new inspiration. I empty my placar with flowery clothes, points that make you want to spend a pleasant day and with my routine of the day to lose some weight .. I speak to you about all this in an article soon 🙂

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