May ,  This is the month of Change in everyday life, personal life and empty blogsphere …
After a study I did to relaunch my blog and enriched it, I arrived with a result to which you already mark for the return of my blog as before or rather places than before. 🙂
  The concept: Every month I publish an article on things that I can not avoid this month as much as Fashion, beauty, FOOD and culture… 🙂

1 .Favorite Coffin : Le Petit Couffin

Koffati is a brand of Tunisian coffin; So I fall in love with its colors and finishes and I use this coffin as a lunch basket, beach basket or handbag for a coffee with friends.
Koffati never leaves me in the ego of May.

2 .Favorite FOOD : La petite gourmande -Pâtisserie

Cuckoo lovers of cookies! After the cake pop Hello kitty carried out for the table of sweets, recently the tendency of the hello kitty sandt has become increasingly influential for birthdays, a tea break or for an opening and roughing the sablés la petite gourmande – pâtisserie  Of the Top !! ❤️

3 .Favorite BOOK : Diva Mother Fu***r


This is the perfect book for anyone who does not just want to read a very good book but also want to read the modern history and problems of history and fashion. I have just discovered Diva Mother Fu***r since the month of February and I just finished it in March and I re-read in May. It’s a free hit





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