Spring Is Coming!


Hello Spring!

I can not believe it, but finally it happens: spring arrives! The days grow longer, the sun shines and the birds sing their first melodies.

Spring means a new beginning and so I feel a new inspiration. I empty my placar with flowery clothes, points that make you want to spend a pleasant day and with my routine of the day to lose some weight .. I speak to you about all this in an article soon 🙂

      I’m ready for spring!!  Continue reading



When we say Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s feast n cartoons is said on television on manags, disney junior and boomerang …
And for me with my nephew and my niece I reserve my place in front of the television under a duvet with a bowl of popcorn and Domino’s chips, chocolates and dry fruits, watching Mickey, Calimero and Martine … Continue reading