Who I am ?   Emna not only a fashion blogger, a web developer, a creater. When I find that my blog has started for 4 years and since the last year, I manage to publish an article by me and there I say Bingo !!    I AM BLOGGER GUYS !! 🙂

This makes me proud, but at the same time, I always pay attention that I still have a lot to do, and many goals to achieve. I guess I’m too perfectionist in that sense, especially with everything about the blog. And I want to stay on track along the way. A tight rope walk!

I do a planning as before for my job, for the response to emails and messages send on social networks, not only with list of my purchases every month, In addition, I share like before an article per month for my 5 categories ..  YES !!! IT’S ME 

On the other hand, I am very happy with my return. After tough times that took a lot of me, or when I accomplished something special.

To do something about it!
I remember a time when it seemed to me that I was publishing artciles just about every week “badly organized” Well, I found myself thinking again, and since I had time 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my job. I just don’t enjoy talking about it very much.








25 thoughts on “TREAT YOURSELF

  1. Comme c’est passionnant que vous démarrez Blog à nouveau! Je me rappelle qu’il y a quelque temps, je vous demandais pourquoi vous avez arrêté de faire des articles. Je me suis demandé plusieurs fois tout en regardant vos histoires .

    • oui , je me souviens 🙂
      J’adore l’idée, que mes histoires ne sont en ligne que pendant quelques heures, et voilà , je suis de retour avec pleins d’articles , des histoires …

  2. mahleh el blog mte3ek ya3jebni barcha w ntaba3 fik zeda 3al instagram
    Emna a3mlelna article ahkilha kifeh te5ou tswaer 2al instagram

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