At the mango butter and tiare flower
ultra rich day cream without rinsing . 🙂

Frizzy or straightened hair, dry by nature, tend to be damaged, break and difficult to style. More than any other, they need the most comprehensive care, gentleness and respect. This care cream without rinsing is essential for women to very dry hair or curly. It strengthens the hair while protecting it…

As a day cream, the texture cream moisturizes, protects and repairs for hair soft, shiny, with a lightweight silky touch, for all hair types.

For the lazy, there are also no-rinse care cream that is applied to our hair in the morning as a day cream for the face.

Hopefully this article can help give your skin a healthy kick and care it deserves.

For more information visit  Nihel





14 thoughts on “N I H E L

  1. Nihel m’a rencontré pas mal de fois au carrefour , mais j’ai pas fait attention que maintenant par ton article .

  2. Asselema Emna , konet ntaba3 fik 9bal fi facebook 2 ans l téli w 7thartlek fi event Fatales w ba3d enti 9assit w ma3adech thabét chay w bereh ki jetni notification sur facebook 3al article fre7t barcha wlh

    • Bonsoir Amira 🙂 merci beaucoup , tes parles me touche énormément et c’est un plaisir de moi d’avoir des fans qui me suivre même que je suis en rupture du blogosphère ❤️

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