“Do something nice for YOU because you deserve it.

It’s evening, I look in the mirror and can not really believe what I see. Is my hair really so dry ..? Did I not wash my hair well ?? Usually, as soon as I wash my hair, I find myself easily drying it with my dryer sabs needing to put one (kilo) of the serum.So I realized that I have to change the routine of my hair, when I visited istanbul, I noticed that advertising in metro statons, in the streets and in the catalogs that speaks Of the Pantene there I understood that it is Pantene #HairLanguage to show the secret meaning behind the way women touch their hair. Its range of expression is limited, and Pantene aims to help women revitalize their hair so that it is soft, smooth and completely irresistible to the touch! 🙂 

The Pro-V formula of the Pantene traps hydration, while your hair is smooth, easy to comb and resistant to damage.The moisturizing styling products are designed to erase the dryness caused by winter too! Pantene Pro-V Daily Hydrating Whitening Cream is a treating treatment that compensates for lipid loss and provides lush hair for forty-eight hours. Abreuvez your hair and offer them a soft, silky and malleable sensation with this Pro-V conditioner.


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