When we say Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s feast n cartoons is said on television on manags, disney junior and boomerang …
And for me with my nephew and my niece I reserve my place in front of the television under a duvet with a bowl of popcorn and Domino’s chips, chocolates and dry fruits, watching Mickey, Calimero and Martine …

In winter, I always chose to wear casual, a T-shirt that I cracked on my trip to Turkey, a black denim jeans and polo Bershka (I’m so fall in love with me and my friends) with a nice bag that I add the monster imaginarium that he shines and the end I add track of accessories that I cracked into Turkish by H & M and Koton .

Photo by Fluffy Touch


T-shirt: Zara (New Co)

Jeans: Bershka (New Co)

Shoes : Polo(New Co)

Bag : H&M (New Co)

Choker : miley’s accessories (New Co)




14 thoughts on “MICKEY

  1. Emna , j’ai tellement aimé ton pull Mickey c’est mon dessin animée préféré aussi !
    Je suis Heureuse de ton retour au blogging et je te suit sur snapchat et Instagram .
    bonne continuation

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