And then back !!!

As I said on Snapchat I’m back after a long break I’m back, and this time also I improve my fashion class with a major event that is: the opening of the Milan boutique Glossip it was Friday the 07/10/2016 with my pretty Jemi World Tunisian YouTuber.
And without speaking how we chatted about what’s new in the life of the blogsphere .. She missed all the season…. 🙂 🙂

Glossip Milano was created for everyone with a true passion for make-up, for those who love to experiment with new beauty ideas and reinvent themselves every day with a new look. It is a place to discover over 500 different make-up colours, under the guidance of expert make-up artists,as well as the best skincare products, perfumes, professional accessories to match the personality of any woman. An Italian brand, part of a cosmetics company with decades of experience, Glossip is a new space dedicated to make-up and following to the latest trends.



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