Since I left my long hair, my routine of style has also changed. I use different products now than usual with my longer hair, for example, I take out the mask Gliss much more often now, and I switched to using matte paste. In general, the long hair requires more care with a style. With long hair, it is often enough to give them some structure. . Stylings tend to stay in shape for long periods because the hair is lighter and looks do not come so easily. In other words, the style is really worth the hassle

But which products are essential to me, and how can I style my hair with no step? Here’s the scoop!

1- shampoo

ULTIMATE PRECIOUS OIL, range of dry hair care
dry hair products that intensely nourish and strengthen the hair fiber.

ULTIMATE PRECIOUS OIL GLISS is the reference range for the repair and care of dry hair, split ends and over-solicited. Schwarzkopf’s innovative formula contains nourishing precious oil and makes them considerably less brittle.

2-Nutrition miracle 

The non-greasy formula, enriched with 8 PRECIOUS OILS KERATIN and nourishes hair long and intensely repairs the hair fiber daily sought to reduce forks and shiny hair.

3- Hair Mask

The surface of the hair is over-stressed by the coloring, bleaching, perming and frequent smoothing. When it weakens, the hair can eventually break … In this case, use care products such masks for dry hair for example.



Which are your favorites?


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