Who among you does not know the bath bombs ???

Zemni store is a cosmetics company handmade

To transform the boring bathroom luxury magical moment thanks to their égayantes fragrances. For a well-deserved relaxation after a long period of work, do you run a hot bath and get comfortable in it. then immerse the ball in the water that will dissolve with effervescence causing small tub for you to feel like a jacuzzi. No more tristounets bathroom with Zemni store, your bathroom will become unique.

That does not like ?! With their colorful and scented products they even give back the smile to the saddest hearts on using fresh and natural ingredients and is usually green … Their products are varied and the quality is pretty good!

For more information visit  Zemni store 

10 thoughts on “ZEMNI STORE

  1. Salut Emna ;
    Je suis accro à ton blog ! c’est adorable tellement
    Sinon c’est même de Lush ??
    C’est vrai qu’on a ce produit en Tunisie ??

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