Who is the most fabulous of all? You princess! Probably you are ready for the change of temperature, right? And you need proper guidance to organize your wardrobe, your outfit, hair and makeup, but all you get from us is just a simple advice: breathe, keep it natural and do not forget to use a small detail that we will all look at you. This little something must be a piece of jewelry. Not too declaration, not too discreet, but enough to make you sparkle. jewelry is a must, you can enjoy before a big party. Pieces like these GUESS treasures are easy to wear, even if you choose a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt.

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Photo by Fluffy Touch


T-shirt : Kehna (New Co)
Jeans: Bershka(New Co)
Shoes: Zara (New Co)
Bag: Guess 

10 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT?!

  1. à chaque fois je devienne accro à ton blog , ton twitter , ton instagram et ta page Facebook.
    Chaque article tu nous enrichi par ta façon d’écrire les choses , le thème , les accessoires , les vêtements .
    Bonne continuation .

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