I’m a total manicure devotee.

No matter what the occasion, the season or the style, I love me some nail magic. From pretty neutrals in an at-home paint job to rose gold tips or full-on nail art by the pro’s. I’m up for it all!

So I’m sure you get my excitement when I got in touch with nail guru Fakher Beauty nails. She’s a true tastemaker in the field – some living proof here and here – and her elaborate designs led to collabs with Vogue, Adidas and Maybelline (she’s their Dutch nail art ambassador). In between working with brands and doing editorial shoots, she’s up for a private session every now and then.

A few days later I can confirm that statement nails are the perfect conversation starter. I’ve turned a handful (no pun intended) of strangers into blog readers, and since I talk with my hands a lot this is something fun that stands out and makes people curious. I’m a little happier every time I look at my nails so be warned: I might not be able to stop.

PS. If there’s anything you’d love to see a DIY for, let me know in the comments and we might just do a step-by-step breakdown!

IMG_9924 IMG_9926 IMG_9928 IMG_9929 IMG_9931 IMG_9933 IMG_9934 IMG_9935


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