I rounded my proven – clothing, accessories, and beauty products which are all great gifts this season – absolute favorite. I always get compliments from both men and women on my signature brand Parfois I wear these pieces long pendant for years and love the way it can easily be dressed up or down. The ideal neutral bags for travel or everyday wear. This body cream coconut almond milk is divine Parfois i love to put on right after I take a shower. The gift box is a good deal and comes with a body wash, cream, and perfume. Parfois scarves are lifeguards on the days you do not know what to wear! I throw one in a black suit for a pop of color. Bonus – it also doubles as a sarong summer. This planner comes everywhere with me (I’m old-fashioned and likes everything down over the phone put in my writing!) It is available in black, blush, pink, taupe, and this pretty blue color. This set comes caviar look beautiful packaging makes it a perfect stocking stuffer. Shop More of my favorite things.

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