With the holidays approaching and everyone traveling fast, I thought it was the perfect time to share my beauty travel must haves. It is no secret that I love to travel, and with the temperature change, but it certainly a toll on my body. I swell so easily and my skin is incredibly dry after a long flight with Maison de senteurs products. I swear by deep moisturizing and whitening RevelationsRX masks and put on immediately after checking into my hotel or go home. Within 20 minutes of using the mask my skin is completely revitalized and I left with the most beautiful glow (with vitamin C!) If you head straight out of the plane at an event and pinched by time, their Anytime Serum Roll is a bargain. Pop it in your purse, quickly roll under your eyes and you’re good to go. Shop More of my beauty essential travel below (as that delicious smell of perfume room, this size hair spray texturing Travel .)

                         59336664-95bc-4551-94df-a71f8e050244 cdd7d5b8-9ba6-4699-b70e-9df6164b50ff d840c6f4-5b34-416f-bafc-9d4e7cf20482 e8e60ce8-de2f-4b06-ab87-f15fc9ab437f 5b4da8c8-4e4c-40c1-be36-539f0aabf6cf 9451d7cb-7a55-470a-8e1c-1eca213886d8

Hopefully this article can help give your skin a healthy kick and      care it deserves.

For more information visit Maison de senteurs 

                           Photo by Fluffy Touch ❤️


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