BeFunky Collage

This week has been very busy and I could not be happier that it is Saturday! I finished writing a lot of aricle on the blog, display résultat NIVEA, buy a nice rove for fiancaille my best friend I wore this outfit to go shopping in and could not be more comfortable. These boots are the best (by my mom), and this sweater is so comfortable and warm. I wear jeans here just went on sale and I’m loving another version of this scarf. Have a wonderful weekend!

f2d59847-9f88-4283-9384-cd411e39fb7b 2c363313-95c7-435b-b49e-0a2fef550084 492bac1e-3442-4c18-8e9a-d362f4523a60

Photo by Fluffy Touch


T-shirt : Bershka (New Co)
Jeans: Kiabi (New Co)
Shoes: Zara (New Co)

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