Très en Vogue Madame -MABROUK


After my last held the chic quantities, I wanted to wear something more sports again.
While this outfit is inspirated for coffee, out with friends, walk and even to go to school..Recently inspired outfits are my favorite looks just like the style of this lovely T-shirt Très en Vogue Madame  MABROUK


This T-shirt is more casual because sneakers Shana  and pink bag Joy’s. Yes, you are right: it is a pink bag! Usually thesis bags not even a little sex appeal, but these Joy’s change everything. They are just perfect! When I saw the time I knew the first time I need them in my life.

IMG_7590 IMG_7607 IMG_7638 IMG_7643


Photo by Fluffy Touch


T-shirt: Mabrouk
Bag: Joy’s
Jeans: H&M
Soes: Shana

38 thoughts on “Très en Vogue Madame -MABROUK

  1. Bien que la tenue pas à votre goût, il vous convient très bien! 🙂 Comme vous obtenez le droit de retour des sentiments d’été! Surtout les chaussures et le sac sont géniaux!

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