I’m so happy that you came to meet us Jemi World ,  Belle et Gourmande , J’ai testé pour vous à TUNIS and Majdouline Beauty  Saturday “3 October 2015” from 16h to 18h in perfumery “FATAL Palmarium” Avenue Habib Bourguiba, Tunis (City center).
I have r chat with you guys and you know a little more…

IMG_7313 IMG_7310 IMG_7314 (1)

Fatales organized a meeting of Tunisian bloggers with a simple clik on the event, guys are not pointing right on time indicated but many people already lined up for several hours. Everyone has had his moment with us. It was nice but a little moment as long.

IMG_7319 IMG_7320 IMG_7341 IMG_7433 IMG_7430 IMG_7426 IMG_7349

After the photos, there was a small presentation speech the meetup with a draw for gatter girls gifts to make different brand.

IMG_7466 IMG_7464 IMG_7452 IMG_7451 IMG_7450 IMG_7439 IMG_7436 IMG_7433 IMG_7430 IMG_7426

For the rest of the meetup, there was a small buffet of delicacies. And we could test eyeliners and mascaras new.

IMG_7476 IMG_7474 IMG_7472 IMG_7470 IMG_7466

But what I liked about this event though, is that other Tunisian bloggers came. So we finally discuss and completely forget about the meetup.

IMG_7430 IMG_7426 IMG_7498 IMG_7497 IMG_7494



IMG_7490 IMG_7489 IMG_7487 IMG_7476 IMG_7474 IMG_7472

IMG_7513 IMG_7510 (1) IMG_7512


So it was a very interesting event and pretty nice sum.


6 thoughts on “MEETUP FATALES

  1. Wow, je l’ai rarement vu ces superbes photos de vous voir. La tenue est un rêve (les couleurs sont super-vous), votre maquillage est magnifique et l’ambiance de la couleur des photos est tout simplement génial. Mieux que dans tout tournage de rédaction de la mode! 🙂

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