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t’s funny how people still do not understand why women have so many bags. When I look at my man, carrying in his back pocket a key and a small hand-sized, paper thin wallet, I wonder why am I so dependent on all the good things that I carry around. Why can not I live in the house without doing these things day after day? One thing that reassures me is that at least twice a day, he’ll ask me something, paper or any something !!!!

a bag is really the best friend of all modern women. We have one for every occasion, whether it’s party, Travel; school or business. And the one we use the most is the great timeless bag, beige that we live our lives with. It contains our calendars or many lipsticks (because we can never choose just one for the day), our phone, our makeup; our perfumes, or a book … We have literally everything, and yes why not?

I like bags that are iconic, versatile, big enough to store everything, big and easy to combine with any look. When I first saw this beauty created by H&M, I loved it at first sight for its simplicity, minimalism and particularly modern silhouette. I wore their accessories for a while now and honestly love this piece more than anything else.


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photo by Fluffy Touch


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